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The soccer jersey is the clothing worn by the athletes who play ball games when they play sports. Generally include short sleeves on the upper body and shorts on the lower body. The material generally uses cloth with good breathability and hydrophobicity, which will not affect the athlete's physical activity, is not easy to generate static electricity and is light in weight. A good soccer jersey helps athletes improve their performance.

English statement:
The soccer jersey can be expressed by "soccer jersey". If you want to emphasize that the jersey is the "soccer uniform" of the team, you can use "soccer team jersey" to express. Compared with football shirt, football shirt is common in colloquial language, and soccer jersey generally refers specifically to "the soccer jersey with team logo printed on it."

Soccer Jersey making skills
The first consideration in the design of the soccer jersey is not to affect the athlete's range of motion, and then the choice of fabrics, which usually contain elastic fabrics such as Lycra. The design must be bright in color and can be combined with color matching.

Famous soccer jersey
Designed beautiful and practical soccer jerseys, such as the world famous football team soccer jerseys such as Inter Milan, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Juventus, Dortmund, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, ​​Rome and so on.

Normal soccer jersey
The clothes worn by the athletes, such as football jerseys, basketball jerseys, Chelsea soccer jerseys, Barcelona soccer jerseys, Mexico soccer jerseys, Argentina soccer jerseys, Brazil soccer jerseys, world cup soccer jerseys, etc.

Signed soccer jersey
Refers to the clothes that athletes sign on their own soccer jerseys, including NBA signature jerseys, football signature jerseys, Messi signature soccer jerseys, Real Madrid signature soccer jerseys and other categories.

Signature soccer jersey features
The signature is practical. A successful and valuable signature is not readable by everyone. The legibility of a signature is that it conforms to the structural characteristics of Chinese characters and English, and conforms to the law of signature design. As long as the principle is analyzed, everyone can recognize it.
The swaying signature is a kind of logo, a personal patent, showing a person's unique personality and having a strong personal style.
Whether it is a celebrity signature or a signed soccer jersey, it has long-term collection value.
The signature itself is an art, and the signature is "beautiful".
In different periods and in different environments, the signatures are different, reflecting the different moods of people, and it is a momentary portrayal of individuals.
Signature indicates personal acceptance, approval, and consent. It is a credible means in social interaction and has a high level of anti-counterfeiting.


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