Real Madrid 2021-22 season home soccer jersey

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Adidas today officially released the Real Madrid Club's new home soccer jersey for the 2021-22 season, with a novel design that demonstrates the unity and unity between the team, players and fans, showing the unique spirit of Real Madrid. The new season home soccer jersey symbolizes the unity of the Real Madrid family, which is also creating the greatness of Real Madrid.

Adidas is inspired by the city of Madrid and the love of fans all over the world for the team. Based on the iconic white color of Real Madrid, Adidas has subtly incorporated a spiral pattern into the home soccer jersey, which is intended to echo the square of Cibeles. fountain. Cibeles Square is of great significance to Real Madrid, and fans often gather here to celebrate the team's victory.

The home soccer jersey for the new season has a refreshing white as the background, and is embellished with lucky orange and saturated blue details, symbolizing the vibrant culture of Madrid. The spiral pattern ring logo, sponsor logo and three stripes at the neckline are all designed in a contrasting orange and blue color.

"Real Madrid is a unique team with a unique history. We hope that the new season's custom soccer jersey will have both simplicity and personality, and convey the connotation of the team logo, that is, the enterprising heart to do everything in its power to win. In the players and fans In my heart, Madrid is the'home'. By paying tribute to the Cibeles Square and using the team stadium color, we hope that this season's jersey can bring a sense of pride to the fans. Real Madrid's style has always been unique, and the new season's style The soccer jersey is no exception," said Adidas football designer Marco Omiccioli.

The new soccer jersey is made of PRIMEGREEN sports performance-type environmentally friendly materials, and the concept of sustainability is the core of innovation. The player version of the soccer jersey is equipped with Adidas' innovative HEAT.RDY technology, which promotes cooling and perspiration, creates a refreshing body feel, and helps players cool off on the court. The fan version uses AEROREADY technology, which is comfortable to wear and keeps athletes comfortable and well prepared.


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