Real Madrid 2020-2021 season home and away soccer jersey / football shirt uniform kit

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Adidas and Real Madrid Club of Spain jointly launched the team's new home and away soccer jersey / football shirt uniform kit for the 2020-21 season today. The design is simple and yet individual, and demonstrates the team's glamour of striving to win.

The jersey design is inspired by Real Madrid's fearless challenge and facing difficulties. The home jersey adopts the club's classic white color scheme, with low-key turbid printing on the front; the away jersey is bold and eye-catching. Both jerseys present a simple shape, and strive to show the pure fighting spirit of Real Madrid in the arena and brave to create brilliant.

Both the three stripes and the back collar label of the home soccer jersey are designed in pink to pay tribute to the team’s 2014-15 away jersey. Low-key prints and vibrant color contrast details add charm to the overall shape, and are ingeniously in line with the modern artistic temperament of the city of Madrid.
The away jersey adopts a V-neck design, with dark blue details and fresh pink color, inspired by the dazzling night view of Madrid's landmark Plaza De Cibeles, it is a nice custom soccer jersey.

The soccer jersey has far-reaching significance to Real Madrid fans. It symbolizes the team's unremitting pursuit of the highest honor and also demonstrates Real Madrid's determination to write a glorious history. Real Madrid's style has always been unique, and the new season's jersey is no exception.
"Real Madrid is a unique team with a unique history. We hope that the new season's jersey will be simple and individual, and convey the connotation of the team logo, that is, the enterprising heart to do its best to win," Adidas Football Design Teacher Marco Omiccioli said, “Although the jersey weighs only 140 grams, the players wearing it carry the huge expectations of the fans. Fight hard, win, and make history. The expectations of the fans It is pressure, but also motivation, to promote the continuous improvement of players. Real Madrid is not willing to be ordinary, and the team jersey also demonstrates this spirit, hoping to accompany the players to shine on the world stage."

On the occasion of the release of the new jersey, Real Madrid also established its own women's football team, ushering in an important moment in the club's history. Real Madrid women's football team will wear new home and second away jerseys in the first season.
The new season player version of the soccer jersey is equipped with Adidas' innovative HEAT.RDY technology to promote cooling and perspiration, creating a comfortable body feeling, and helping players cool off on the court. The fan version of the jersey uses AEROREADY technology and is comfortable to wear to accompany fans to watch the game coolly in the hot season.
Real Madrid players will wear away jerseys for the first time in the game against Manchester City on August 7.


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