Manchester United 2020-21 second away (third) soccer jersey

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Adidas and the Premier League Manchester United club jointly launched the team's new second away soccer jersey for the 2020-2021 season, accompanied by a distinctive visual style, inspired by those striped jerseys that have emerged in the history of the club.
From Manchester United’s first striped shirt over a hundred years ago to the eye-catching design from the 1970s to the 1980s, the latest version aims to provide a new interpretation of tradition while bringing a vibrant new print.

In order to get this brand-new design, Adidas will redraw, shatter, and recreate all kinds of soccer jersey elements throughout the club's long history, giving birth to a clear and eye-catching new pattern. This jersey uses Manchester United's iconic red, white and black, and tells an ancient story in modern language.
This design is amazing and completely unexpected, showing the ambition to continuously break the boundaries of soccer jersey design.

The second away soccer jersey / football shirt uniform kit of the new season was launched immediately after the home and away jerseys. The home jersey strives to incorporate the pure genes of the club. The team name is cleverly integrated into the shading printing through a combination of different tones of red; the away jersey expresses the desire to follow the team. High respect from loyal fans.
The relationship between Manchester United and the striped shirt can even be traced back to the first year of home at Old Trafford, when the team used a classic blue and white striped shirt as an alternative jersey. The collar of the new season jersey is displayed with the "110 years of stripes at Old Trafford" mark, telling the history of the club jersey.
It is particularly memorable that Adidas brought subversive jersey patterns to the football world in the late 1980s, triggering a visual revolution in jersey design. It is these patterns, as well as the spirit of bringing new methods and concepts into the field, that inspired the creative inspiration for this new jersey released today.

The new custom soccer jersey will be available in player version and fan version. The player version is equipped with Adidas HEAT.RDY technology, which promotes cooling and perspiration, creates a refreshing body feel, and helps players cool and confidently play. The fan version of the jersey uses AEROREADY technology, which is comfortable to wear and ready for the players.
Although the team will appear on the court wearing a new jersey with white soccer shorts and soccer socks, this time Adidas will also provide shorts and socks with the same pattern as the soccer jersey for fans to collect.


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