Italy national team 2020-21 season home soccer jersey

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The world's leading sports brand PUMA officially released the Italian national team home soccer jersey today. The new soccer jersey is inspired by Italy's extravagant Renaissance aesthetics and presented through modern tailoring. Continuing the previously released away jerseys and Renaissance commemorative jerseys "created with culture" design concept, the soccer jerseys are once again integrated with new and stunning patterns.

Inspired by the art and architecture of the Renaissance, the new Italian home jersey suit reinterprets the luxurious patterns of the Renaissance through modern geometric shapes. The unique design on the blue home jersey celebrates Italy's influence and contribution to world culture and football.

"During the Renaissance, Italy became the center of creation and change. This land not only affected the world, but also redefined the direction of world civilization. We want to praise this history through the design of the Italian home jersey, with Italy’s most important The cultural period is the source of inspiration and created this work. The floral ornamentation of the Renaissance represents a universal beauty born in Italy, and inspires the lifestyles of the people of the world with unpredictable creativity. The new Italian home soccer jersey will be The world shows the pride, enthusiasm and passion of Italians.” said David Bremond, head of PUMA's product line management team.

The new Italian national home soccer team jersey combines classic color matching with modern design, praising the glorious history of the Azzurri. The traditional blue team soccer uniform symbolizes the rebirth of the Italian national team. The younger generation of players who set a record for the first qualifier victory in team history will work together to create a new future. They have set their sights on the European Cup next summer.
The new soccer jersey is equipped with PUMA professional temperature adjustment technology, and the wet and dry management system of the jersey can ensure that the wearer's body temperature is adjusted in a comfortable zone. The front of the jersey is perforated by laser cutting method, and the back is designed with craft jacquard to ensure the best wearing comfort and sports performance.


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