Chelsea 2020-2021 season away soccer jersey

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Nike and the Premier League Chelsea club jointly announced the team’s new away soccer jersey for the 2020-2021 season. As a continuation of the "Blue Army" new season home jersey design concept, the blue of the away jersey variant pays tribute to the tailor who created the prosperous scene of London. The superb skills of the masters.
The away soccer jersey / football shirt uniform kit also infused the spirit of the millennial generation, perfectly showing that this group of confident young talents ignited Stamford Bridge under the head coach Frank Lampard.

"The away jersey is just right in terms of color and pattern," said Mason Mount, who came from the "Blues" youth training. "It looks great and it contrasts well with the home jersey. Fans. We will definitely fall in love with it, and we will continue to move forward and make them proud."

Arctic blue provides an elegant tone for the jersey. The dark herringbone print covers the whole body, including the front and back, combined with the reconstructed knit texture to create an eye-catching aesthetic performance.

The spot color club badge on the chest has a subtle herringbone texture, echoing the dark blue Nike Swoosh logo. The dark blue V-neckline and the decorations on the sleeves constitute a unique design. There is a dark blue band on each side of the body, and it shows the words "The Pride of London." Arctic blue shorts and dark blue socks make the overall image from head to toe more perfect. The adult soccer socks are also decorated with Nike's Swoosh logo and Chelsea's lion pattern.

"The new season away jersey is a great addition to our equipment library," the women's team forward Sam Kerr said. "It complements the home jersey very well. I can't wait to wear it. It’s on the court."


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