Brazil national team 2020-2021 season home and away soccer jersey

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Nike and the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) jointly launched a new home and away soccer jersey / football shirt uniform kit for the Brazilian national team. The new series aims to pay tribute to the team that shook the world in 1970 and to connect with culture beyond the boundaries of football. together.
The legendary Mário Zagallo (Mário Zagallo) was invited to take part in the shooting of the new Nike Brazil men soccer jersey. He attended the 1970 World Cup as the head coach of the Brazil team and won the championship. At the same time, he is the only one. A person who has won the World Cup four times as a player and head coach. A new generation of players such as Vinicius Jr., Rodrygo Goes, and Richarlison also participated in the filming, except for some that use sports as a career or change lives through sports In addition to the deep players in football, more athletes and children will join the sport in the future, making football as popular as it was in 1970.

In 1970, the world finally realized the real reason for Brazil as the “kingdom of football”. What illuminates the stadium is the tacit understanding between personal talent and the greatest athlete on the planet. Everyone is united under the same jersey. The third world championship trophy makes this classic yellow jersey shine. Fifty years later, these skills and talents are still being used and carried forward on courts all over the world. The Brazilian Football Association and Nike jointly launched the new jersey for the Brazilian team, which closely connects the DNA of Brazilian football to the future.
"Not only won the Mexico World Cup, the Brazil team and the football they played in 1970 meant more-the performance of the talents of that team on the pitch is still deeply imprinted in people's minds. We It is to pay tribute to the team that is ahead of the entire era. The versatile players collectively attack the common goal. It is a football style destined to become a legend, and the'beautiful game' is in its best condition. ," said Gustavo Viana, the marketing director of Nike Brazil.
The iconic yellow jersey that brought fans directly back to that year of victory is one of the greatest symbols of world football. It borrows from the style of the jersey at the time. The simple round neck and cuffs are decorated with green, which adds eye-catching recognition to the jersey. element. The details of the collar and cuffs are designed with a rhombus from the Brazilian flag and have a soft tonal transition. The number "70" icon in the collar follows the style of the 1970 World Cup logo in Mexico. The same inspiration was also used to create the numbers for the new jerseys, using the font design of 1970, and its size is larger than the current universal numbers. The new jersey was originally scheduled to make its debut in the match against Venezuela on the 13th. Blue shorts and white soccer socks complete the equipment.

"Thanks to the Brazilian team in 1970, football surpassed the sport itself and became an art. That team gave Brazil a new meaning in the eyes of the world, and these avant-garde concepts have never stopped. In other words, nothing can stop this true empathy and innovation," said Gilberto Ratto, Director of Business and Marketing of the Brazilian Football Association.
Closely linking the DNA of Brazilian football to the future, the new away jersey shows cultural elements that transcend the boundaries of sports. After extensive research and learning more about the consumer preferences of sports enthusiasts other than football, the product development team began to think about how to incorporate more modern elements into casual and bold designs. The jersey still uses a round neck design, with blue as the main color, and the detailed design of the same color system always runs through the entire jersey. The diamond-shaped element derived from the Brazilian flag is accompanied by a soft tonal transition, and the stamp on the back is presented in yellow, the same color as the Nike Swoosh logo. In addition, white shorts and blue socks complete the outfit.

The new jersey uses Nike Fast Fit Vaporknit technology, which is an improved version of Aeroswift technology. Using generative design, Nike’s new jersey is optimized in terms of moisture permeability, breathability and extensibility compared to previous products. Precision knitting technology is also applied to the necessary parts, and the air permeability is strengthened in the parts that are prone to heat generation. When viewed from a close distance, the jersey will show an intricately detailed weaving structure. From a distance, this knitting process will not affect the artistic sense of the jersey.
As part of Nike's "Move To Zero" commitment to sustainable development, all Nike football shirts are made from recycled plastic bottles. Since 2010, Nike has recycled more than 7.5 billion discarded plastic bottles through sustainable product design. These plastic bottles have been recycled into new Nike products.
In addition to the new design soccer jerseys, the new series of the Brazilian national team also includes casual wear, such as men's, women's and children's jackets, trousers and casual short sleeves.


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