Boca Juniors 2021 season second away soccer jersey

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As the club’s 116th birthday (April 3) is approaching, Adidas and the Argentine Boca Youth Club jointly unveiled the team’s new second away soccer jersey for the 2021 season. Boca) pays tribute to the local characteristics.

Inspired by the colorful houses of Caminito, a unique internet celebrity spot in the Boca district of Buenos Aires, the geometric color blocks on the dark blue jersey simulate the state of the colorful houses, showing In addition to the unique streetscape of Caminito Trail, the eye-catching design is also synonymous with the world-renowned football passion.
In addition, the back of the jersey proudly displays the words "REPUBLICA DE LA BOCA".

The soccer jersey will be available in two versions: the player version (HEAT.RDY) and the fan version (AEROREADY). For the first time, the player version of the custom soccer jersey uses a unique hem design to provide the wearer with a more comfortable sports experience.


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