Bayern Munich 2020-21 second away (third) soccer jersey

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Adidas and Bayern Munich officially launched the team’s new second away soccer jersey for the 2020-2021 season today, paying tribute to the club’s home Allianz Arena with a bold red diamond pattern.
The new soccer jersey will be unveiled in the spotlight of the UEFA Champions League, when Bayern Munich will compete for the sixth championship in the world's greatest club competition. This men soccer jersey is inspired by the red luminous diamond pattern on the outer wall of the Allianz Arena. The same diamond design can also be found on the club badge and the flag of Bavaria. The hand-painted red diamond design allows the person wearing it to be with the key elements that represent the club's identity no matter where they are.

As usual, the neckline of the jersey is decorated with the club motto "Mia san Mia (I am me)", which not only pays tribute to tradition, but also demonstrates the unity and cohesion of the Bayern family.
The new soccer jersey / football shirt uniform kit will provide two versions: player version (HEAT.RDY) and fan version (AEROREADY). The player version of the jersey is dedicated to creating a comfortable body feel for players under the pressure of away games, and playing coolly. At the same time, the recyclable 100% polyester fabric can help quickly absorb water and achieve instant refreshing sweat.


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