Barcelona 2020-2021 season second away (third) soccer jersey / football shirt uniform kit

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Nike and the Spanish FC Barcelona jointly announced the team's new second away third soccer jersey for the 2020-21 season.
All along, football fans have always appeared in the stands wearing Nike Air Max. Players often flock to the limited and limited edition Air Max. The natural connection between football and trendy shoe culture is praised by weaving the admirable club identity with the legendary trendy shoe design in the jersey. Each model has a unique and exclusive design, which will help clubs in the new era. The European competition of the season competes for honor.
The combination of the club’s identity and the history of Air Max gave birth to a series of the most distinctive jerseys in recent years.

“The combination of Air Max and football jersey culture is the ultimate combination of streetwear and sports,” said Scott Munson, vice president of Nike Football Apparel. “We know that we must fully respect the club and its identity, but We quickly discovered that this was a very pleasant "marriage." These jerseys are very fashionable and creative, and they look great on the stadium and on the streets."
Although the long history of the original Air Max color scheme has had a great influence on the design of the new jersey, but inspired by the project, Nike still created a brand new Air Max for each club and will be released as part of a larger series. .

Barcelona's second away soccer jersey for the 2020-21 season is driven by the vibrant vibrant colors of the city and its famous beaches. The combination of pink and sea green evokes the beauty of Catalonia’s sunrise, and both colors can also evoke memories of the highly sought after Barcelona jerseys in the past. Pink and green are also common colors in the Air Max palette. They have appeared on many trendy shoes over the years, and are now used in the new Air Max 90 inspired by the Barcelona Club.


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