Barcelona 2020-2021 season home soccer jersey / football shirt uniform kit

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The Barcelona Club of Spain officially announced the team’s new home soccer jersey / football shirt uniform kit for the 2020-21 season. The new jersey continues to be designed and technically guaranteed by Nike. Its design is inspired by the 1920s. This period is considered to be the club’s history. The first golden age.
The style of the new jersey returns to the traditional vertical stripe design and is decorated with distinctive golden elements. The red and blue stripes are separated by thin golden lines, reminiscent of the team logo used by the club on the jerseys of the 1920s.
Another highlight of the new soccer jersey is the golden round collar, and the Catalan "sign" appears directly under the collar on the back of the jersey. The complete home equipment also includes blue shorts with red pinstripes on both sides, which are also decorated with golden yellow lines. It also comes with horizontal striped socks with the same design as the jersey.
The slogan "Only for Culers (Culers)" is derived from the well-known nickname of Barcelona fans. The history of the term "Culers" dates back to 1909 to 1922, when Barcelona fans often sat on the wall of the highest row of stands to watch a football game, and pedestrians passing by on the street often only saw a row of buttocks (" "culs" means ass in Catalan) sitting neatly on the wall. This code name has been widely circulated since the early 1970s, and today the "Culers" group has grown stronger than ever.
In the 1920s, football became a phenomenal sport in Barcelona. At that time, Barcelona’s legendary players attracted great attention, such as Samitier, Alcántara and Zamora. ), Sagi, Piera and Sancho, these people have become the heroes of Barcelona. Together, they formed a legendary team and attracted a large number of fans, which also prompted the club to build its first home stadium in 1922-Les Corts Stadium. Among the many victories of that era, the most celebrated was the Spanish Championship in 1928 (the predecessor of the Copa del Rey), in which Barcelona won the final against Real Sociedad. In 1929, Barcelona won the first Spanish Football League Championship, which later became the most important football event in Spain.
The whole set of soccer jerseys, including shorts, are made of 100% recycled polyester material, which is obtained from threads produced by melting recycled plastic bottles. Jerseys made of this material can not only improve sports performance, but also reduce the impact on the ecological environment.


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