Argentina national team 2021 season home soccer jersey

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Adidas and the Argentine Football Association (AFA) jointly launched a new home soccer jersey for the Argentine national team.
Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala, women's team members Mariana Larroquette, Milagros Menéndez ), Vanessa Santana, youth players Julian Álvarez and Nicolás Capaldo participated in the shooting of the new soccer jersey advertising.

The new soccer jersey custom reflects the unity that football brings to all parts of the world, whether in the game, on the stadium or on the streets. In Argentina, from Ushuaia (Ushuaia) to La Quiaca (La Quiaca), football has crossed the borders of every province and reached every corner, calling on all Argentines to swagger to follow closely behind the Argentina team.
Presented in the iconic vertical striped shirt of "Pampas Eagle", three different shades of sky blue brushstrokes create a brand new pattern. Adidas tri-stripes of victory are decorated on the shoulders of the jersey, and the "May sun" proudly shines behind the collar. The soccer jersey will also be paired with black soccer shorts and white soccer socks, both of which are decorated with sky blue decorative stripes.
The soccer jersey will be available in two versions: the player version (HEAT.RDY) and the fan version (AEROREADY). For the first time, the player version of the soccer jersey adopts a unique hem design to provide the wearer with a more comfortable sports experience.


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